Interested in a summer internship? Now is a great time to start looking.

It’s been cold here in North Alabama, and with classes for the spring semester just barely underway, summer is probably not the first thing on most students’ minds. If you’re planning to apply for summer internships, though, it’s time to start gearing up.

With many summer internships starting in May, the hiring and selection season for some of the most coveted positions has already begun and may even be closing soon. So don’t procrastinate! Start researching opportunities and compiling a great application package to give yourself the best chance at the internship experience you want.

Some tips:

  • Refresh your resume. Make sure it’s updated, free of typos, and tailored to the kind of position for which you’re looking.
  • Get the details. When you find an internship that interests you, do some investigating. Is it paid or unpaid? When does it start and end? Where is it located? If the job isn’t quite right for you, keep looking!
  • Make sure you’re a match. It probably isn’t worth it to apply for internships you aren’t qualified for, so ensure you’re a good fit before you start the application process. You also want the internship to benefit you, so it pays to check that the company and position meet your selection criteria, as well.
  • Follow the directions. All of them. Apply where, when, and how they want you to. Submit all required documents, and double-check the format. If the company requests a .pdf, don’t send a .doc file. If they ask for official transcripts, don’t send unofficial copies. Show them you pay attention to details and follow directions well.
  • Get help! If you know someone who does a lot of hiring, ask them if they’ll look over your resume. Does your school have a trustworthy career center? Might be time for a visit. Have a good relationship with an English or communications professor? Maybe they’ll workshop your cover letter with you. Use your resources and don’t be afraid to call in a favor or two.

An internship can boost an entry-level resume, give you valuable work experience, and be a great vehicle for networking in your field. Take advantage of these opportunities if you can.



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