Your New Year’s Career Resolution

It’s a new year! Happy 2017, everybody. If you’re a job seeker, you might be facing the year with renewed vigor after a joyous holiday break. Or you might be discouraged, staring down another year of “And just where do I go from here?” Already employed? Maybe you started the year grateful to have the job you have. Or maybe you’re dreading another 365 days of the same old thing. Whatever your situation, you can take advantage of January to get your year off to a good start.

If you make one career resolution this year, make it this one:

Change something that isn’t working.

We all have things we wish were different. Better. We’d love a new job. A promotion. A chance to use that one skill we have that doesn’t get much of a workout at work. And we’d all like more money.

You’ve heard the saying “If nothing changes, then nothing changes?” If you don’t take some sort of action with regard to your career, chances are pretty good that January 2018 will look a whole lot like January 2017.

So if you aren’t getting job interviews, maybe your resume needs some minor tweaks (or some major revising). If you’re interviewing regularly but the job offers never materialize, your interviewing skills might need a tune up.

Are you miserable at work? You’ve got some choices. You can start a job search. You can try to change your current situation. Or maybe you want to focus on what you really do like about your job and make peace with the aspects that bother you.

Underpaid? Have you asked for a raise? Did you make your case by illustrating the value you bring to your boss, your clients, your company? Have you done your research into salaries for similar positions in the area?

If everything at work is going well for you, congratulations! That’s really great. But if it’s not, these early days of a brand new year might just be a great time to reflect on what’s happening, decide what could be better, and take action to change it. Just one thing.

Changing one thing might just change everything.


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